• Wine Fermentation Process

    The process of making Sauvignon Blanc is a simple one. It is generally fermented in stainless steel tanks. And, in order to retain the grape’s fruitiness, it is fermented at low temperatures, which maximizes its fruit potential. A recommended fermentation temperature range is 42° to 50° F (5.6° to 10° C) After the destemming we prefer to keep the juice on the skins for 12 hours before we press, this will also enhance the fruit potential.

    With Sacharia the fruit is put directly in the press – for whole bunch pressing ; This is a method that is widely used for white wine production because it usually produces a more delicate, less phenolic wine ; after pressing the juice immediately goes to barrel to start fermentation.


    I only use French oak Barrels

    Size: 225 Lt

    Age: 2nd ;3rd and 4th Fill

    No new wood – I want the fruit to integrate with the barrel so that there is a balance between wood and wine- showing ELEGANCE

    Andre Rousseau-Wines Maker

  • When is a vineyard ready for harvest?

    We are currently harvesting  now, our harvest season starts End January to end March . Usually the first cultivars harvested is our white varieties ; like Sauvignon Blanc , Chardonnay , Chenin Blanc , Semillon ect and your red varieties will follow later.

    Most of the white varieties will be harvested from 22.5˚ Balling to 24˚ Balling and the red 24 to 25,5˚ Balling

    Balling refers to

    The amount of sugar in grapes is measured by a tool called a Balling Meter. The longer grapes hang on the vine the more sugar there is in the fruit (and the higher the degrees Balling). The objective is to pick when there’s enough – but not too much – sugar.

    Andre Rousseau-Wines maker

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